The enterprise places great emphasis on the protection of nature and animal welfare. In order to maintain and secure these committments, we have introduced the following measures:


Use of insulated manure storage facilities in order to protect groundwater


A strict observance of animal welfare regulations, such as:
  • livestock is kept close to the nature
  • reduced use of medication ( meat free from residuary anibiotics)
  • production without growth hormones
  • a stress -free environment
  • the supply of bedding and water of drinkingwater quality
  • the securing of adequate microclimate and light
  • spacious housing
  • prevention of fights and bites


  • a 100% GMO-free maize-based feeding
  • the feeding of locally produced fodder to provide less ecological footprint


Our company is mixing the traditional methodes with modern production technics, always keeping the needs and welfare of the animals in mind. New methods are only used if they are not causing harm to the welfare of animals (feeding technology, ventilation)


All of our swine products have an „excellent quality pork” trademark. (KMS)

„This trademark is securing a higher quality pork product, which is secured by a wide ranging product certification. The trademark guarantees that the pork is coming from reliable sources, and whose journey from being a swine until it reaches our table can be retraced, and whose production is secured by a rigorous controlling process”


Kiváló Minőségű Sertéshús

All members of our company are deeply committed to the protection of the environment, all our animal farms dispose of modern technology and adequate manure storage facilities that are in conformity with the norms of the European Union.



What does Short Supply Chain mean?

Short supply chain means the direct sales between the producer and customer based on their close geographical connection.

In the Short Supply Chain the products are raised and grown by the producer itself, who sells the products in his/her location. On the one hand it means that transporting and storage do not spoil the quality of food, and customers can buy it fresh and free from harmful materials. On the other hand the origin of the products are known and proved.


How do we realize Short Supply Chain at the Kurucz Butcher Retail Chain?

Our profile involves cultivation, production of fodder and pig-farming, realizing the company’s „farm to fork” philosophy. We raise our pig livestock in a traditional, close-to-nature way and feed them with the GMO free maize-based fodder grown by our company. We produce our pork products locally and sell them in our Kurucz Butcher Retail Chain. This Short Supply Chain ensures that the Kurucz Butcher Retail Chain provides the customers with high quality, origin proved pork products. The reliability of our products is also proven by the Excellent Pork Quality Trademark.

Manufacturing and selling our products locally in a Short Supply Chain makes it possible for us to minimize the ecological footprint of our company. This is the way we would like to take responsibility for our close community by providing them with whole and clean food and for our environment by relieve it of needless pollution.

Kurucz Group Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

As an agricultural company our corporation aims to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner and contribute to the communities and environment in which we operate. We respect the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, local government and other stakeholders. The responsibility we take for the society and environment is an elemental part of our company philosophy and business strategy. For us being a good corporate citizen means participating in the development of the communities and environment in a proactive and effective way.

Areas of commitment

I. Responsible employer

    • Equal opportunity and diversity policy

Our corporation is committed to employment policies that provide and promote equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants and to maintain a workplace that ensures tolerance and respect for all its employees. No employee, job applicant or business partner will be treated less favourably on the grounds of their age, gender, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religious or similar philosophical belief or sexual orientation.

    • Contribution to communities

With regular donations our corporation strives to incite the organization of events („Barbecue Championship” „Day of the village” ) that can raise togetherness in local communities.

    • Health-keeping iniciatives

With supporting the Sport Association of Ebes we aim to promote the healthy way of living.

II. Responsible manufacturer

    • Grooming and development of natural and built environment

We wish to achive a high standard in our operation. Quality is a basic requirement regarding both our products and our work processes. From this porpuse we pay great attention to the grooming of our enviromnent. Well-kept sites, fields and roads for us is a must, just like the infrastructural development of local settlements, to which we often provide financial support.

    • Protection of environment

Since we are an agricultural manufacturer company environment plays an important role in our operation. We treat the protection of natural resources and environment with high importance. With strict adherence to environmental regulations we do our best to minimalize the ecological footprint. With seeking for innovative solutions we strive to make our production sustainable and less ruinous for our environment.

III. Responsible economic and social actor

    • Knowledge transfer and sharing best practice

Agricultural production, tilling the earth, raising animals have deep tradition in the culture of every nation. Specialties in relief and climate shaped and caused the diversity of agricultural activity. We believe that modernization is crucial to be able to meet the requirements of the current era, but the respect of tradition is also necessary to be productive and successful in this sector. Agriculture has particularly deep tradition in the Carpathian Basin but based on the divergent natural resources besides the developed areas there are many backward regions as well. Our company is committed to develop backward areas in order that we are willing to highlight these aspects.